Pagerank re-visited


Well, for some reason I seem to be back at my No. 2 spot in Google when you search for "Martin Woodward". I changes my blog templates a little bit. The Martin Woodward header at the top of every page is a bit of text that has a screen stylesheet applied that hides the text and displays the ": Martin Woodward" graphic instead. If you are using a text based browser then you don't see the image but get the text.

Now I had the text set to be a hyperlink back to the Woodwardweb homepage - but this seems like it tripped out the Google spam filter (as there were hidden text links contained within the site - a tactic sometimes used by search engine spammers trying to inflate their search engine rankings.).

So, I'm going to leave my templates static for a while and see if I stay at the No. 2 spot for a couple of google indexes. If so then it may well be this that has fixed it.

The bad news is that I noticed I had jumped to the number 2 slot because my comment spam levels just shot up. Obviously the comment spammers are using google to identify target sites. Looks like my move away from Moveable type is getting more and more urgent...


You're obsessed mate - you're forgetting again that someone would have to actually *want* to search for Martin Woodward! ;-)

I guess. Surely everybody knows who I am.


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