I'm a Total Idiot


Usually, I am very good at the 24 hour clock. It comes from a childhood of setting the VCR because my parents just could never figure it out. However I turned up for my 9.30 flight this evening, only to find I had read my tickets wrong and it was actually 19.30. Luckilly they were fully flexible tickets because I had to book them at the last minute, however it was the final flight of the day and so now I'll not be getting home until Saturday evening - missing the entire St Patrick's Day celebrations on Friday. What an Idiot I am - playing Check-In Chicken used to be one of my favourite games, but missing a flight home is never as much fun as missing the flight out. To improve my mood and help me sleep I've been investigating how to say Cheers in multiple languages. Sláinte!


Kampai Martin-san!

Hi Martin,

I did the same thing on a flight back from Singapore to Melbourne. Only my crime was worse. I read 20:00 as 10pm for some reason.


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