Excel Year Planner Re-visited

current_year_plannerA while ago I blogged about my surprising obsession for having a year planner by my desk.  For people that know me this probably comes as a huge shock as I don’t come across as someone who is particularly well organized – but I just find it very useful.  Today I had an email from Roz Aidie asking me if it was possible to make the calendar display the Academic year.   As the spreadsheet is all based on conditional formatting formulas, the answer is happily yes.  Just change the months at the top of the column and you get the days displayed for that month.

I posted a new version of the year planner that shows the current calendar year, alongside the Financial (April – March) and Academic (September – August) year.  You can get a version that shows the current calendar year along with the previous and next year here (which is the version that I use).  Judging by the feedback, other people find this spreadsheet year planner helpful too – do let me know if you find yourself using it.


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