Apple - The New Real?


Apple Software Update <rant>Sigh.  Apple are really starting to get on my nerves.  Not only is iTunes on Windows consistently very buggy, slow and foreign looking in the Windows OS - they are now trying to trick Windows users into installing Safari.  On this particular machine I have never installed Safari, and I never want to.  At first I thought the offering of Safari via Apple Update (as a default option) was just a mistake, I figured out how to tell the installer to ignore the update and moved on.  The second time I gave them the benefit of the doubt - but here they are again.  Today I got the following fantastic message from Apple Update.  "WhichDescription()" indeed.  Gives you a wonderful feeling that they've spent a lot of time on this one.  So from today - Apple update is now disabled on my machine and will stay that way until Apple trick me into switching it back on again.

This is incredibly bad form and reminds me of all the rubbish that Real software used to get up to when they were still relevant.  The worse thing is that it will condition people to disable updaters when we live in a time that I would prefer people kept their systems up to date and patched.  I know that people will have said this in other places and in better ways - but if Microsoft pulled this sort of trick, just imagine the reaction.  This kind of move feels like one of desperation or arrogance - possibly both.</rant>

Apologies for the rant - normally I keep this sort of thing off my blog but this one really annoyed me.


I agree with you Martin and guess what!!! I did the same a couple of days back. Looks like great minds think alike :).

Obviously they intend their software not to be a good citizen.

I guess we're meant to believe it's just too cool for windows machines, and run out and get one of those pretty Intel/BSD boxes - the product of Apple's years of trying to use non-Intel hardware and have their own OS.

Even CTRL-C and V only work occasionally in certain iTunes contexts - I find myself having to right click copy and paste just to get artist/song info into the search input.


And then there's Quicktime installations... I can't count the times I get asked to reinstall what I know is there.


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