Make Windows XP Look Shiney

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Windows XP Royale ThemeRecently I was looking at some screenshots from my good friend Clark Sell and  I spent more time admiring the theme on his copy of Windows than looking at the error he was trying to show me. Anyway, the theme is the one that comes with Windows Tablet PC Edition 2005 or Windows Media Centre 2005 - called "Royale" or "Energy Bliss".

I've seen a few posts around showing you how to hack the Windows Tablet PC download and turn it into a Windows XP theme. However, you can officially download it for Windows XP, along with some irreverent takes on the standard Bliss background, thanks to those lovely folks at Microsoft New Zealand.

1 Comment

I was actually going to download that theme, but Micro$soft in typical form, require me to perform a "Windows Genuine Advantage plug-in installation", provide DNA samples for 6 generations of my family, renounce the devil and send them a signed photograph of Anthea Turner before I can!

Can you just mail me it? (^_^)


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