TestDriven.NET 2.0 now shipping

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In case you missed the excellent news, Jamie Cansdale has announced that TestDriven.NET 2.0 is now shipping.  The TestDriven plug-in is essential for anyone wanting to run unit tests from with Visual Studio (any edition).  Not only does it allow you to run any flavor of test from the comfort of your right mouse button - it is also lightening fast (much faster than the built in test runner than comes with Visual Studio Team System).

Along side the ability to run all common unit testing frameworks from any version of Visual Studio, Version 2.0 brings many new "power" features that are just fantastic for those of us that spend a lot of time creating plug-ins to Visual Studio.

Jamie is committed to keeping TestDriven.NET available for the community so that the power of unit testing is available to all (not just those of us lucky enough to work for organizations who can provide the upfront investment required for Team System).  A fully functional, no nag, version of TestDriven.NET is available if you want - however if you are using this professionally, then I urge you to sign up for a professional or enterprise license.

If you are not unit testing today, then you really have no excuse to go out, download your test framework of choice, install TestDriven.NET and get started.  Not only will your tests all be available should you make the wise decision to upgrade to Team System, if you use one of the popular testing frameworks such as NUnit then there is a convertor available to turn them into the MSTest framework used by Team System - meaning that your testing investment is protected for the foreseeable future at least.

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