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Some days I forget how much I hate SourceSafe. If for some reason you start being unable to log into your SourceSafe database and get the error "ss.ini" not found this is because the SourceSafe client has renamed the file to a .tmp file while it was doing something to it and for some reason not finished. To fix the problem, simply navigate in explorer to your users folder ([sourcesafedbpath]\users\[user]) and rename the single temp file in that directory to be ss.ini. If that doesn't work you can try copying another users ss.ini file and manually changing all the setting to make it work for the other user. Good luck.


I had this exact problem just now. This fixed it immedietly. Thanks.

No thanks to sourcesafe though, I was considering rebuilding the entire database from source files before I found the fix. Of course, MSDN had nothing to say on the subject...

Thank you so much it helped me alot

Thanks! This worked like a charm.

Excellent, Thanks for the post.

Thanks! Fixed my problem right away!

Thanks Martin. Now that's what I call a quick fix.

You just saved my bacon as well.

Thanks buddy, we fixed it

Works like a charm. Thanks for the quick fix.


Much thanks for this.

Many thanks for the solution.

Hola, muchas gracias, funcionó a la perfección

Well I had a problem with ss.ini not found (the problem was not related to renamed file ss.ini to ss.tmp).

The solution was to change Environment Variables SSDIR and SSINI to the correct one.

This happened to me because I changed Sourcesafe DB from place.

your solution really helped me solve my login problem in vss.. thanks!

Thanks for the fix!



thank u so much.. worked like a charm

Thank You SO much

Thanks, this worked for me.

But why does it disappear in the first place?
What is VSS doing to that file that requires it to make a tmp, then modify the existing?

It looks all the users, who currently have tmp files in their VSS folders, are the users that VPN into our system remote.
The local users do not have tmp files.

This worked. Great. Thanks much.

10x a lot

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