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SpaceShipOne is in space

Just watched SpaceShipOne go into space for the first of its X-prize runs. Looked like a natsy spin at the towards the end of the rocket firing but it seems to have sucessfully crossed the boundary into space and is now gliding back to Mojave Spaceport in California (sporting its fancy new Virgin logo).

Update: According to BBC News, the spin may have been caused by the pilot, Mike Melvill, accidentally pressing on a pedal during the rocket burn. Cool

Pocket SharpMT

Just installed Pocket SharpMT on my HP4150 (what is rapidly becoming my favourite gadget). So far it seems pretty fully featured. In fact I think some aspects are easier to use than the full version. However my handwriting needs to get a lot better if I want to use it in anger. Either that or I need to buy a keyboard...

Skype Out

I'll be working in America for a few weeks soon and I wanted to try out ways of calling home cheaply. BT have recently announced Yahoo! Messenger with BT Communicator. I will install this and give it a go - particularly as the calls get billed to my home phone line. However, been playing with and been very impressed. One of the best features is the Pocket PC version, which works really well on my HP 4150 (over WiFi). At first the version on my laptop failed to work and I thought this was another victim of XP SP2, however turns out it was Total Recorder. Once I set Skype to not use Total Recorder it works a treat! Sound quality is fantastic. Would be good if the Pocket PC version was better integrated with the contacts, but apart from that seems to work flawlessy. Be interesting to see which works best in anger - only 3 weeks till I find out...

New Toy

Buy a HP4150 from AmazonI've just treated myself to a new toy. A brand new HP4150 PDA. After much looking, the cheapest place seemed to be Amazon.

Been very happy with it so far. Has both Bluetooth and WiFi. WiFiFoFum is an excellent WiFi sniffer, the radar screen impresses everyone I have shown it to. Got Terminal Services, GnuPG, VNC, SSH and a console installed so I can do most debugging I need to. All I need now is a serial cable so I can TIP into sun boxes and I have a cool bit of portable kit for getting machines working.

It can store phone numbers, check my email and play a wicked game of solitaire as well...


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