Skype Out

I'll be working in America for a few weeks soon and I wanted to try out ways of calling home cheaply. BT have recently announced Yahoo! Messenger with BT Communicator. I will install this and give it a go - particularly as the calls get billed to my home phone line. However, been playing with and been very impressed. One of the best features is the Pocket PC version, which works really well on my HP 4150 (over WiFi). At first the version on my laptop failed to work and I thought this was another victim of XP SP2, however turns out it was Total Recorder. Once I set Skype to not use Total Recorder it works a treat! Sound quality is fantastic. Would be good if the Pocket PC version was better integrated with the contacts, but apart from that seems to work flawlessy. Be interesting to see which works best in anger - only 3 weeks till I find out...


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