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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Fantastic news. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is set to be extended this year with new editions of the radio series and also (finally) the movie that Douglas Adams tried so long and hard to get made.

Update: 24/9/2004 Just listened to the first of the new radio series and it is superb. I was worried when I heard they were going to be doing a new one, but it seems to be working out brilliantly. I've listened to the old series so many times I'd forgotten how funny and fresh Hitchhiker is.

XP Service Pack 2

So, took the plunge and installed XP Service Pack 2 today. Wanted to see if the changes to Internet Explorer did anything strange to website I have designed, but also if the Service Pack would work on my HP Compaq nx7010. So far so good, having a few intermittent problems with my WiFi, but everything else seems to work.

Update: WiFi working now. Looked like a problem with the WPA fix in SP2.

My Page Rank has gone!!!

Nightmare. Just done a search on Google for Martin Woodward and I no longer appear! My pagerank has just totally dissapeared! I still have a 5/10 ranking in the google toolbar but Martin Woodward no longer works - try for yourself. Could this be a result of my latest re-design? I'm absolutely gutted. If you know me, can you please put a link to my homepage like this:-

<A HREF="">Martin Woodward</A>

Update: I've found myself - on page 2. Nightmare... What has the web come to.

Update (1st October): At last, I have made it back onto the first page (even if I am the last entry). Only 9 more places to go and then I'll feel lucky


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