The Best Booth Question Ever

So, I was manning the booth yesterday in a freakishly tired state that I was almost hallucinating (I swear I saw another high ranking Microsoft person using Linux in a keynote). I'd got to the point where I'd said the same things so many times I couldn't remember if I was repeating myself to the same person or not. Then, a guy asked me the best question I have ever been asked at a booth.

Guy: "Are you a developer on the product?"
Me: "Yes I am."
Guy: "Which bits did you write - which is your favorite feature".

Well, what a nice question. Admittedly I ended up showing him some pretty bizarre edge cases that I'm particularly proud of (and realized how few of the features I could claim to writing - as I've said before, working at Teamprise is a very humbling experience for a developer). Next time you are at a booth and see a scary looking developer type - rather than asking "You got anything free to give me" try asking the question above and you might get more than you bargained for...


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