SD West Slide Deck

If you were at my talk at SD West today, then this is the slide deck. However, if 8.30 am was a little early for you then don't worry - you didn't miss much and at least you have the slides now so you can still pretend you were there. If you were up but didn't come then I won't take it personally - I would have probably been next door in the AJAX session myself if I'd had the choice.

Connecting to Team System Across the Enterprise - Microsoft Sponsored Partner Session
Thursday, March 16, 8:30am - 10:00am - Room 201.

Drawing on real world scenarios, this session will explain how to deploy Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server across your enterprise. It will focus in on a realistic adoption route and demonstrate the alternative methods available to connect into your Team System Environment. Particular focus will be given to the Teamprise suite of products which allows Team Foundation access from non-Windows platforms and from inside Eclipse, the leading Java IDE.


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