Always on my way home...

Sigh.  Why do I only experience travel delays when I am coming home and never on the outbound journey?  Last night, my first plane from New York to Belfast suffered a hydraulics failure.  Luckily they had a spare airplane lying around that they then got cleaned up, filled up with gas etc and let us on.  Amazingly after all the messing around in New York I landed only 3 hours late.  Just arrived home to find that my wife has gone out and locked me out the house, so I'm now sat in my garage feeling sorry for myself.

At least I have great WiFi reception out here in the garage - and to think I got mocked for rigging network sockets, UPS and a WAP out here.  Admittedly this wasn't the exact scenario I had in mind at the time I got the networking done, but still.


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