Will this tablet work?

Just got my hands on a new Fujitsu ST5010 Tablet PC for a demo and I really enjoyed working with it. I have been wanting to use a tablet PC in anger for a while now as the idea of the form-factor is one that I liked. The ST5010 can be yours for £1500 inc VAT. In combination with Microsoft OneNote and Windows XP tablet edition I feel that I have a replacement for my trust A4 notebook. The machine had no problems recognising my handwriting (or speach) and the feel of writing on the surface is so close to writing with paper on pen that it takes no getting used to. However the screen can be difficult to read (especially when writing with it flat on a desk or when showing to somebody else).

If I was going to spend my own money on a tablet PC, I think I would need one of the notebooks with a keyboard and foldable screen, otherwise I would feel the need to carry tablet PC and laptop. While that has a certain amount of geek cred, it certainly isn't good for my back.

My final gripe is with Windows XP tablet edition. There are options to configure the pen for left handed use, but that just seems to alter the handwriting recognition algorithm. For cruel fun, try watching a left handed person using scroll bars with a pen - it just doesn't work. There needs to be the option to switch scroll bars onto the left and side of windows.

Apart from that, good fun, great battery life. Impresses the customers when you bring it out to write notes. Superb for capturing feedback on UI design etc. Not quite impressed enough with it to spend my own money, but impressed enough to give it serious thought.


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