Snippy the .NET Kangaroo

A new version of Snippy is out. For those of you not familiar - you'll be sorry to hear that Snippy is not a replacement to Clippy in Office 12, nor is it a helpful marsupial that will rescue Timmy from down the well. Snippy is a handy little tool to help you edit code snippets in VS 2005.

After using Live Templates in IntelliJ and then with Resharper in VS 2003, I was very surprised that you had to go out into Notepad when you wanted to edit code snippets in VS 2005. I kept thinking that this was because the software was in beta. As the beta's kept coming the feature was still missing. There are some "code-snippet project" features now, but it is a bit heavyweight to fire up a whole project just to edit one XML file. I couldn't believe a whole episode of DotNetRocks was devoted to the topic when it remained so un-user friendly.

Anyway, go download Snippy - it'll make your code snippet life a happier and more rewarding one. Hopefully it'll be in the next version of VS inside the box...


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