Jamie Cansdale's Dev Tools Charity Auction

Jamie Cansdale (the brains behind the must-have Visual Studio Extension TestDriven.NET) has set up a charity auction in aid of the charity Wells for Zoë and its work in Malawi.  What's better is that he's convinced many of the other must-have .Net development tools folks to donate some licenses into the pot as well.  There is now nearly $45,000 worth of software up for grabs - yes you read me right, that is three zeros on the end of the 45.  Now I know the US exchange rate is not as good as it used to be, but still - you could end getting yourself software to the value of a decent car and know that you are giving some money to charity.  For me the highlights of the auction are:-

  • A TestDriven.NET Mug (along with an invite to a years MSDN Subscription worth over $10k)
  • A copy of the excellent source control tool, Vault.
  • A copy of the mouth-watering CodeRush with Refactor! Pro 

Wells for Zoë is an Irish registered Charity set up in 2005 dedicated to the provision of safe drinking water and water storage for irrigation in four remote rural areas of Malawi.  The charity's founders cover all administrative overheads. 100% of your donation will be used to help the people in Malawi.

What are you doing still reading this - go and bid now.  In case you don't feel like owning some of this awesome software you can also donate here.


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