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Ed is Blogging

Fellow Teamprise developer Ed Thomson has started blogging.  As you can tell from the header image in his blog, Ed is our resident Mac lover and his office is festooned with shiney Apple goodies (including one of those fancy new MacIntel machines).  He uses Teamprise on Mac full time for development which has helped us catch numerous places where we didn’t look nice when presented on a Mac OS.

Ian Olsen is Blogging

After a somewhat public call to action, Ian Olsen is now blogging. Ian works over on the SourceGear side of the company and will be a familiar name to those of you subscribed to the CruiseControl.NET mailing lists. If you have the time pop along and pay him a visit. If you are wondering, his desk is probably about another 10 feet closer to Eric's than Ben's.

Ben Pryor

Ben Pryor has recently started blogging, I encourage you to add him to your aggregator.  His first couple of posts are all ready pretty interesting (better than my first blog posts).

Alan Irwin is blogging

Alan Irwin has started blogging. The only person I know with valid passports from 3 countries.

Clark Sell

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You know, this internet thing might just take off one day. One of my good buddies, Clark Sell, has just fired up Wordpress and started blogging. His first post is a good story that Kevin Rice sent him about how a company policy begins. This piece is very true, sadly the original source of this gem is unknown.

Keep an eye on his blog as he has some interesting TDD techniques with partial classes in C# that sound interesting. Hopefully he will post them once he has chance to make sure they work. You can guarantee there will be a picture of one of his beloved cars sooner or later...

Jez is Blogging

Just a quick post to say that my old buddy Jez Stephenson has started blogging. Why don't you pop by and leave him some abuse? He is also setting up a new affilliate site "Quick Sound" selling guitars and music equipment. Rumour has it that he is thinking of getting into podcasting...

Whatever Happened to Bob?


Just reading Ben's blog. He has been playing with 2D Fractal Terrains (as you do).

Bobman retro action courtesy of BenSeeing the landscape Ben generated instantly brought back so many memories. A school friend of mine, called Robert Parsons, used a similar algorithm to generate 2D landscapes that look just like Ben's. Only, he had it running on his PSION Series 3 PDA and then used the backdrops for a wicked game called (I think) Bobman where you had two little men that battled each other firing weapons that had projectile like motion at each other. It was a bit like Worms long before worms was ever invented but much faster action and additive in two player mode against each other. I wasted many hours in the my Sixth Form common room playing the game.

He then went on to do a Mandelbrot generator for the PSION (which I think had a monochrome screen but if you messed with a lot of machine code you could get shades of gray emulated by quickly flashing the black on and off). His crowning achievement was to build a basic 3D engine for the PSION which he developed from reading some computer science books at the local university library that I found absolutely impenetrable. I was hoping he was going to port elite to the PSION but we lost touch and I have never spoken to him again.

I've tried googling and looking up Robert (Bob) Parsons a few times over the years and never tracked him down. He was the first hacker I met that I knew was better than me.


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