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Just had a look at

Just had a look at this page on the Eurdora web browser (on the palm) and it works really well. It seems to use the stylesheets but igore the display:none bit.

It is text only on my m125 however due to the re-design it still works fine. I guess dropping tables was the right way to go!

Managed to get my Palm

Managed to get my Palm to connect to Blogger via wapblogger. My graffitti needs to get a lot faster.

Palm Bluetooth SD Card

Got my GPRS connection to my mobile phone (a Nokia 6310i) to my Palm m125 using IR. Works a treat. However I realise how handy a bluetooth connection would be. Thinking about getting a Palm Bluetooth SD Card.

Broadband ordered.

My order for broadband has just gone in to Nildram. Decided to go with them in the end as I wanted a static ip address with an email account and webspace etc. According to ADSL Guide they have been consistently rated as one of the fastest ISP's. I have also heard nothing but good things about their Customer Service. Just have to wait until after the 15th October for ADSL to be installed into my local exchange. Not that I mind the wait too much - after all I live in an area that cannot even get Freeview or even Channel 5.

Site Updated

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Well, I have finally completed my site update. It is now using stylesheets for layout instead of tables. I'm also using Blogger to publish to the site. Hopefully this will mean that the site get's updated with content more often...

MIT Courses Online

MIT course note are now available online at MIT OpenCourseWare. This reminds me of the time I attended a full lecture course and actually typed up the notes. It was about the only exam I passed. Anyway, if you are interested in learning more about anything from anthropology to particle physics then this looks good.

CSS Rules

One of my collegues pointed me at the css Zen Garden. I have to admit, I knew CSS was powerful - but I had always avoided learning it due to the flakey support in some browsers. Now nearly everyone is using a decent browser it may be time to stop using tables for layout purposes.

I always knew that table layouts were to be avoided to make sites accessible but I had never really found a better way - until now. I think I may just have to rebuild this site...

This is an entry from

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This is an entry from the toilet at work using GPRS via my mobile phone. Cool, blog while you log.


I'm trying Blogger for the first time to publish to my site. I design and build around content management systems all the time at work - about time I try some of my own medicene. I have to say, the functionality on Blogger is pretty good, considering the price (i.e. nowt).


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