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Apologies for being quiet the past couple of weeks.  I've been on vacation with my family and it was great.  This morning has been spent going though the emails I've missed and catching up on what's been happening while I was away (mainly all the TFS SP1 goodies - more on that later as I experiment with it).  Anyway, a piece of very nice news in my inbox is that I am now a Team System MVP

I have to say that I'm incredibly flattered.  Whenever anyone has asked me about it in the past, I've always given the same sort of answers as when you ask a politician if they want to lead the country - something I've secretly wanted but never really thought that I'd contributed enough to the community to receive.  However, to be recognized in this way is very nice - especially when you consider that my "day job" has me coding in Java....  One of the perks of the MVP award is a Team Suite MVP subscription, which means I'll be able to upgrade to the full Team Suite edition rather than the Developer Edition that comes with my work MSDN Subscription.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know.  It is certainly a great encouragement to keep up the blog posts and to carry on posting at the MSDN forums.  As far as I am aware, I'm only the second MVP who lives in Northern Ireland and the first Team System MVP based in the UK or Ireland - which is nice.  Thanks to the folks who nominated me!

Show a bigger versionWorked in the Central Architecture Team for the project, looking after the re-design of the Faut, Orders, Inventory, Tracking (FOIT) module. This was a BEA Weblogic Portal 7 project.

Best bit about this project was working with the folks from BEA, where I made some lifelong friends while learning a lot from them.



British Airways World Cargo

Click to see a larger imageThe site was a full J2EE based eBusiness platform for BA World Cargo. It introduced track and trace functionality, which involves communicating with a legacy mainframe system. I am particulary proud of the barcode generation jsp pages which I wrote in the back of a car while on my way across Scotland to catch a ferry.

British Airways eCommerce

Click to see a larger imageInvolved in different sections of this site that is very complex, with many legacy system interfaces and high transaction numbers. There were so many good people involved in this project that I can take no credit for any one part. I never did get the airplane to fly while waiting for the ticket booking screen...

Online Checkin

Click to see a larger imageMember of the team who produced the pioneering online check-in site for BA. Full J2EE n-tier application, however the best bit is the "little man" interface where you can click on a seat to select which seat you want and the little man moves. A shortcut feature is that you can actually type the number in an it moves the little man. This style of interface has been much re-used on other systems since it was done.

BA Miles

Click to see a larger imageThis site is noteworthy as it was the first live deployment of a jsp page on the BA site - before then it was all jhtml. Other than that not really proud of this one as I had 4 days to get it designed, written, tested and live due to an upcoming marketing campaign that this site was supporting.


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