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Hitchhiker Trailer Looks Great

The new Marvin.My wife was treated to the "Martin Woodward Excited Dance" this evening after I watched the trailer for the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy film. Superb. Looks like they have managed to update the story line while sticking to the Douglas Adams humour. From looking at the trailer, the film should be accessible to newbies as well have lots of detail for HHGTTG geeks like myself. Even the trailer has hidden jokes in the background - looks like it will be a movie to watch over and over. Over at the Official Hitchhiker movie website, they have additional trailers including one that uses Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" - a song that fans of both the radio and tv series will recognise from the end of Series 1 of both.

I am soo excited, I'm going to do my little dance again...

I know Kung Fu.

Went to see the new Matrix film - Revolutions. My expectations weren't that high as the reviews I had read were not particularly encouraging. However, it was okay. Worth seeing to pass the evening. It didn't stand up as a film in it's own right but the effects were good. Thinking of seeing Kill Bill next week.


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