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CodePlex Open Source Wiki Engine

imageThe clever folks over at CodePlex have recently released the code to the sites excellent wiki.  As you would expect from CodePlex team, the code is available as a project on CodePlex at http://wikiplex.codeplex.com.  Even better news is that the code has been released under the permissive MS-PL open source license.

Anyone fancy getting it integrated with Sharepoint?

Ed Blankenship Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend and fellow MVP Ed Blankenship to learn about the Team Foundation Server deployment in Infragistics. They have a global development team working 24x7 and their Team Foundation Server is now critical to the daily operation of the business.  Ed has plenty of tips and tricks in keeping TFS running with high availability but also in the organizational challenges when deploying the tools across a diverse, global software development organization.

We recorded our chat and I've just made it available as Radio TFS episode 23.

Play Now: Radio TFS - Using TFS with Ed Blankenship

As well as talking about the challenges of rolling out TFS to a large, global organization, we also discussed some of the innovative integration work Ed's team has carried out to integrate TFS with Microsoft CRM. 

It turned out to be a longer show than usual, almost a double length episode.  Hopefully people will find time over the holiday weekend to listen to it.  I'm keen to hear your feedback. We are trying to step up the number of Radio TFS episodes that we put out to two a month.  If you haven't subscribed to Radio TFS then now is the time.

Photo courtesy of Barry Gervin.


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