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I've won a laptop!! Amazing, never really won anything before (unless you count 1st prize in a fancy dress competition dressed as Worzel Gummage). All thanks to those every generous people at Intel Developer Services. Will post more details as soon as it arrives. So far all I know is that it is "an HP Compaq notebook computer featuring Intel Centrino Mobile Technology". Cool.

Ice Ice Baby

Buy The Frozen Water Trade from amazon.co.uk Got given this fantastic book by my wife. It is a very interesting account of the trade in ice from America to rest of the world. This explains why the British are soo stingy when it comes to ice in drinks and why every fridge in America has an ice machine and why us brits like warm flat bitter instead of ice cold largers. Doesn't explain all you can drink soda's though. Well worth a read.

IDEA 4.0 Rocks

Been using the Beta version of Intellij 4.0 on my last project. It is now on late release candidate builds and is fantastic. Previously I was an Eclipse fan, however this version has me sold.

Haven't tried out the generics support for Java 1.5 yet, but I've heard so many people talking about it I think I may have to see what the fuss is about.

Brian Coyner seems to agree with me in his review O'Reilly Network: IDEA 4.0 - Is It Worth The Money? [Jan. 23, 2004]


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