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Picture of Team Explorer showing project FoobarI know I probably shouldn't be this excited, but I've just installed VSTS B3 into a single VPC image, and it worked first time!!

Still a couple of funnies, reports don't seem to be working doesn't look fatal, probably a configuration setting missing somewhere but apart from that everything is good.

Now let's see how much the API's and web services have changed. This beta is certainly significantly faster than Beta 2.

Update: This is the work-around for the issue I was having. Reporting problem with installing Beta 3 on a domain controller.

Alan Irwin is blogging

Alan Irwin has started blogging. The only person I know with valid passports from 3 countries.

Meebo Rules

Occassionally, I come across something that is soo good I think twice about recommending it to people because I don't want the site to get so busy that it becomes un-useable. But this thing is just too good to be quiet about.

Go check out meebo. Check it out right now, and I mean right now - you won't regret it. It is like Trillian, but over a web site using some of the best Ajax since Google Maps.

Skype Call Forwarding


Skypehave done it again. Using the latest windows beta version ( you now have access to Call Forwarding features. If you are offline or do not answer a skype call then you can configure Skype to automatically forward the call to your landline or cell phone (using your Skypeout credit to pay the the forwarded portion of the call). This feature works even when all your computers are offline (in the latest version of the clients offline users who have call forwarding enabled have a new icon to show their status). This means that people can call my Skypein number or Skype me and they'll get through to my mobile phone if I'm not at the computer. Crazy.

Sourcesafe ss.ini Not Found


Some days I forget how much I hate SourceSafe. If for some reason you start being unable to log into your SourceSafe database and get the error "ss.ini" not found this is because the SourceSafe client has renamed the file to a .tmp file while it was doing something to it and for some reason not finished. To fix the problem, simply navigate in explorer to your users folder ([sourcesafedbpath]\users\[user]) and rename the single temp file in that directory to be ss.ini. If that doesn't work you can try copying another users ss.ini file and manually changing all the setting to make it work for the other user. Good luck.


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