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VSTS Plugin for Eclipse Website

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. We are due a new release of my latest project at work in a couple of weeks and in my spare moments I have been investigating my new play project, a VSTS plugin for Eclipse. Anyway, I have just uploaded the website for the VSTSEclipse project to sourceforge.

It is ages since I have done a static HTML website and not been messing around with some server side functionality or other. There are a couple of features I would like to add but didn't want to delve too deeply back into the world of php that I haven't touched for at least 4 years, possibly longer.

This site is not the most inspirational design I have ever done, but it is all div / css based, tested in IE 6 and Firefox 1.0.3 and I hope to post a handheld version of the stylesheet shortly. As ever there is hardly any content at the moment, but there you go - you would expect nothing less from me, it would all be spelt wrong anyway.

Take a look at let me know what you think. The project itself is really interesting and quite challenging. Looking forward to getting stuck in to it (just need to finish off installing Beta 2 of VSTS at home).

Adobe buys Macromedia


Wow, Adobe have announced plans to buy Macromedia. Guess I'll only be buying from one company in the future when I need to do creative stuff for the web. Not sure what I think about this move, hope the price tag for Dreamweaver doesn't go up too much - what about the future of flash? We live in interesting times...

Whatever Happened to Bob?


Just reading Ben's blog. He has been playing with 2D Fractal Terrains (as you do).

Bobman retro action courtesy of BenSeeing the landscape Ben generated instantly brought back so many memories. A school friend of mine, called Robert Parsons, used a similar algorithm to generate 2D landscapes that look just like Ben's. Only, he had it running on his PSION Series 3 PDA and then used the backdrops for a wicked game called (I think) Bobman where you had two little men that battled each other firing weapons that had projectile like motion at each other. It was a bit like Worms long before worms was ever invented but much faster action and additive in two player mode against each other. I wasted many hours in the my Sixth Form common room playing the game.

He then went on to do a Mandelbrot generator for the PSION (which I think had a monochrome screen but if you messed with a lot of machine code you could get shades of gray emulated by quickly flashing the black on and off). His crowning achievement was to build a basic 3D engine for the PSION which he developed from reading some computer science books at the local university library that I found absolutely impenetrable. I was hoping he was going to port elite to the PSION but we lost touch and I have never spoken to him again.

I've tried googling and looking up Robert (Bob) Parsons a few times over the years and never tracked him down. He was the first hacker I met that I knew was better than me.

GIMPShop For Windows


I've been playing with GIMP lately. Coming from Photoshop, I find the interface really hard to use. Also, the number of windows that GIMP generates it just plain annoying.

Obviously I'm not the only person in the world that thinks this as on March 30th Scott Moschella hacked GIMP to make GIMPShop with menu structures easily to use for ex-Photoshoppers. Then on Monday it was ported to Windows with an easy to use installer by Dakira. If you are wanting to try moving to GIMP from Photoshop then take a look at GIMPShop for Windows. Don't you just love open source!

VSTS Plugin for Eclipse

In an effort to keep my Java skills up to date while also using some of my new-found dotnet knowledge I've joined the team trying to put together a VSTS SCC plugin for Eclipse that talks to the source control functionality in Visual Studio Team System. It is early days yet but it is an interesting goal and I hope to learn some interesting stuff while putting something together that will be useful for the wider community. If the only thing I accomplish is to get the wonderful Eclipse Diff tool hooked into VSTS then I'll be very happy (the one in VS 2005 is still not as good as the Eclipse one, if a little better than the appalling diff tool that ships with VSS 6).

I'm feeling lucky!


Not that I'm obsessed or anything, but in the latest Google index (Mar 31, 2005 03:19:55 GMT) I am now the Number 1 Martin Woodward on the internet! Now you can go to Google's homepage, type Martin Woodward and press the "I'm feeling lucky" button to go straight to my homepage. All I need is to now actually post something here that is remotely interesting rather than just going on about my pagerank all the time...

Update: I now appear to hold the number 1 and 2 slots. Sweet. I guess the indexes will take a day or two to settle down from this last indexing.


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