April 2004 Archives

Tim Robertson

Tim Robertson has now upped and gone to Australia to be an excellent surf dude. We miss him, however the regular updates on his blog keep us up to date with all the things that can kill you down under.

Jez Stephenson

Jez Stephenson has done a rather fantastic Mountain Bike Routes site. He keeps adding stuff to it so if exercise is your thing (you crazy fool) then take a look.

Paul Thompson

Visit Paul Thompson's excellent and sometimes disturbing site. His photographic artwork it superb as is his humour.

Sharp Read

Just discovered SharpReader a pretty decent free RSS reader. My lunchtime trawl of the net may have just got a lot faster. The interface is functional, and the pop-ups notifications are very well done.

Bradbury (the people behind the excellent TopStyle) have produced an excellent reader called FeedDemon that from the screen shots looks very like Outlook 2003. At the moment I cannot justify the $30 when SharpReader does such a good job.


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